3rd Person Game w/ Blueprints, Why does character dip down then up?


So I have been watching the 3rd Person Game With Blueprints \ tutorial on the unreal engine youtube channel (null - YouTube) and as mentioned by the instructor the character pops up and down when the animation starts. (episode 20 at 2:25).

The reason I want to know the answer is cause I have managed (using Blend Poses by Bool) to make the character do the full punching animation when speed = 0 (i.e Idle) yet that “pulsing” at the start of the animation seems impossible to stop.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, i realize this is kind of an old question, but did you find the error? I have the same problem. I am pretty sure i did excactly what he said, but still i can’t get rid of that dipping.

I don’t think I have, I tried to reopen the file to test it but I’m having a problem with the fact that I created the file in a version of unreal but I’m opening it another. But as far as I remember no I don’t think I found a fixed. I think it might be something to do with the way the actual animations were created or maybe imported, however since I’m not very knowledgeable about either topics that’s just a guess.

I’ve posted a comment on the Anim starter pack forum:

Anyone that can tell how to easily fix the orientation of the root node, since it seems they have Green(z) pointing forward, Red(x) to the right and Blue(y) pointing up. Which is not compatible with how Mixamo and the Thirdperson has root oriented where they have Green(z) pointing down, Red(x) to the right and Blue(y) forward.

This causes the animation to interpolate between the axises when switching between animations. Which causes a quick but anoying dip of the animation.