3rd person Earthquake Simulation Game Possible?

Hello Everyone!

I’m totally new to game development but got some knowledge in c++ programming.
I’m just wondering if my simulation game idea is doable/possible in ue4.
A 3rd person character will spawn in a pre-built level building and he can walk using (w,a,s,d) and dock&cover using (ctrl).
An earthquake will happen and the building will shake after that the player must dock & cover if not he will die in game and he will have to follow some instructions and survive by getting out in the building alive and complete the game simulation. I am wondering if I could put some not controllable people/dummy running around during the earthquake and the player must approach a dummy and will just follow the player or else he will die. These are the main features of my idea and i only have 2 months to finish this. Is it possible?
If yes, can someone please help me by giving me necessary links,tutorials that are related to my game. Right now i’m trying to build levels and im worried because I think it’s not possible.

Many Thanks.

That’s a yes on all your answers.

This documentation is your bible, learn it, study it, live it!!!

Happy deving.

Your idea sounds cool. With C++ knowledge you can do almost anything!
Yes, read the official documentation. Spend a few days going through the official tutorials. After that you will know Unreal’s interface and general workflow.

My only concern is the time frame. You can save time by buying art assets, perhaps.

Good luck!