3rd person character won't Punch

Hi all
i have been following a videos tutorials about how to setup punching. i have tried alot and i gave up on this anyone have any clue where i am wrong i will appreciate your help thanks.

Hey zaffiq,

I’m able to send screenshots right now, but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix the issues you’re having.

First, I see a bug in your screenshot. You’ve enabled input to your player controller as the target, but you also need to define the player controller input node as well (right below the target).

Depending on how your character/montage is set up, that might be all you need to do.

If it doesn’t work, you can rework your logic a bit by following these steps:

  1. Set bIsPunching to True in your BPClass, then delay then length of your montage (or however else you want to handle that) and set bIsPunching to False

  2. Then in your anim graph, set up anim states (see the links below) to enter your punching animation when bIsPunching is True and exit when false.

  3. Then you can attach sphere overlaps (or ‘spawn a punch’ on a hit event) to call your damage events.

This will make it a bit easier if you decide to set up multiplayer if you decide to in the future.



Let me know if this helps!

Hi Thanks for your replay i create the enable controller just to see if it works but it doesnt i set the ispunching to true now i see some unstoppable punches like it seems my mouse button is not responding and it wont stop until i hit stop. my character can move around and jump i want to add punching to it what should i add in.

Hi Entropikz
Thanks for your help i went through all the settings and its now working and the other problem was from Mouse Inputs they both Checked so i Unchecked one which is (Released == IsPunching )
It works fine now :slight_smile: