3rd Person Character Foot IK Setup with Root Motion Problems

Hey everyone,

I’ve created an ik setup with line traces from each foot bone and then I use the transform modify bone adjustment in my animation BP. I’ve even setup the foot and hip rotation by watching some online videos and reading some documentation. Everything seems to be working accept when the character is on stairs like in the simple test map in the 3rd person template. I’ve drawn an image to show you guys what I think is happening. I’ll attach it here. What I think is happening is that when the players collision capsule catches the next step in the stair case it screws up the offset calculations resulting in correct foot placement with knee bending, but the character is offset vertically to the next step causing everything to appear raised off the ground. Take a look at the image and let me know if you have any suggestions. I can post some bp images if you need them. I’ll post a video later.