3rd person camera zoom question

Hi. I would light to be able to use the mouse wheel to move the camera closer/further from the 3rd person character. Does anyone know of an example or tutorial somewhere that covers such matters? The ones I googled are not really pertinent. Also, something to show how to blueprint an activator for say, causing a door to open/close? Once I start getting the hang of blueprinting, I’m sure it’ll be a snowball effect as far as learning more goes. But I need a starting point. I am used to doing everything through scripting.

In order to control camera’s spring arm, you could try something like this:


You will need to clamp min/max values for the zoom. You can, optionally, gate off the Tick once the interpolation is done.

The general idea is to either use overlapping volume to see if the player is in proximity of the object (image below) or perform a line trace - project a beam along the forward vector, check what you’ve hit and then act accordingly.

Something like this would work if implemented in the door object:


But to be perfectly honest, you’re almost always better off by just visiting YT for the basic stuff.
Not trying to discourage you, just save you time. Keep the questions coming if you don’t mind the wait.

Everynone: You’re awesome! I really didn’t expect for someone to show me screenshots of actual blueprints. Thanks a million. I’ll make some just like this and tinker with them a bit.

Ok, I thought this would be a snap, but I am running into snags. First, what type of blueprint is this (Actor, Pawn, etc.), and where do I put it? Can blueprints just go anywhere? I am using the 3rd person template for learning purposes… can this blueprint be added inside the 3rd person BP?
Also, I did the content search and I could not find or identify the items I have numbered in the screen shot below. Item’s numbered 2 and 3 are especially ambiguous.


Never mind, I found some stuff on youtube like you suggested. Thanks again

This was put the in 3rd person character blueprint from the template.

  1. get float variable
  2. float x float
  3. float - float
  4. set float variable

end result:…680602543c.mp4

More on variables:…uide/Variables

Try this plugin… You only need like three BP nodes. Let me know if you need any help getting it going…


Yeah I got it all to work: Door open/close and camera zoom. Blueprints are kinda like scripting. I’ll just have to get used to the process. But I can see how BP’s can make programming quicker and easier.
As Everynone said, YouTube has tons of vids for nearly every UE concern.

Thanks for all the help.

Here are the tutorials I found that seemed to work best and were easiest to follow, in case anyone else might want to have a looksee.

for the door open/close:
for 3rd person camera zoom in/out: