3rd Person blueprint 1:1 scale ...

Hi everyone.

I know there are a lot of posts about scale and units.
I just wanna see if I have it nailed here …

I work in Blender 2.75a
I set it to “metric”
I create a cube with exact dimension of 1.8288 m X 1.8288 m X 1.8288 m
That is 6 feet X 6 feet X 6 feet.
Also 182.88 cm X 182.88 cm X 182.88 cm.

If I bring that into the default 3rd person blueprint starter template in U4 the cube
stands very close head to head with the mannequin.
I know world settings in U4 is 1 uu = 1 cm.
Under world settings I notice it defaults to meters = 100 uu (which makes sense because that is 100 centimeters in 1 meter)

So … that means if the mannequin stands up straight (its leaning slightly in idle mode)
then it would be exactly 1.8288 m tall which means 6 feet tall.
So it looks like the mannequin is 6 feet tall so then
if its a 6 foot tall guy then the default map that comes up on the 3rd person blueprint is a
1:1 scale …

(I know there are lens distortion and field of view issues too)

Do I have that right? :slight_smile:

Yes that is right. The mannequin is actually 1.9 meters tall. Just over 6 feet.
If you download the rig and import into Blender its 1.92 m tall.

Here is a scale I built in Blender.