3rd Person Animations for First Person

Hello! For awhile now I’ve been looking to incorporate a 1st person option to my 3rd person shooter. I’ve seen ARMA 3 apply this method to their game and it looks fantastic. My hopes for this is that our team will not have to create separate animations and art for both point of views and both of them can still use the same set of animations. If done right it can bring amazing immersion and feel more realistic.

I’m hoping I can get assistance or advice at the best methods of achieving this especially since it is a shooter project so aiming down the sights and gun position have to be on point, looking up to par with a first person shooter game.

Thanks guys!

Here’s an article talking about it too.

You can use the same set of animations provided some care is taken to make certain actions smooth.

When it comes to aiming, you can combine a generic / “close enough” aim animation with a bit of math to correctly align the camera to the weapon sight.

If your looking for information on how to set up the basics, there are several threads on this forum as well as the True First Person Viewpoint wiki entry.