3rd Person Animation to First Person

Could i use Third Person animations with a first person view? Or would that not be a good thing design wise to do.

Can someone answer this for me

Well mate, that all depends on the animations… But Id say yeah go for it. YOull notice if somethings wrong anyway and then you just fix it.
Simple as that.

Absolutely, if you want a character with “True first person” (a whole body instead of the traditional floating FPS arms) you can use the same animations. That’s how we are doing it and it works great. It’s unnecessary if you don’t want to show the whole body though.

Im using it with kubolds animation pack from the marketplace. I have the camera socketed to the players head but the animations are a bit off screen. What can i change to fix that?

Doesnt the Kolbld ani have a nature bob to his head hence not giving you the full range of view…
maybe if you change the FOV on the camera may fix this if not try to choose a less effected bone IE neck and move the camera to the head location give the first person vision but able to see his body…

His animations are great, I’m using a few of those as well. A higher FOV might help (90+ should be standard in all games if you ask me :slight_smile: ) You can actually adjust the animations directly in UE but it can be a bit hard to get right. Kyle D has a video explaining it better than I could here: TPS Build Part 5 - Retarget, Adjusting and Creating Animations/ Setting up Aim Offset - YouTube

I’m guessing it’s the arms that are off screen when used in first person? That will always be a bit of an issue with games unless higher FOV becomes standard. In first person they often have animations where arms are unnaturally placed in front of the screens to make it look good in first person and then separate ones in third person that looks natural when viewed from other angles. We use the same ones for 1th and 3rd in our game and they can be a bit off screen compared to what we’re used to in most games but I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing unless it’s completely off so you don’t see them. I guess you could actually have an animation that just adjust the arms towards the middle of the screen a bit, that blends into all other animations but only when in first person and don’t have it replicate to others. Not sure how well it would work but I it should be doable.

i think i have this project completed if you wanna see it (what Sitrec was chatting about)…
also didnt use the animation pack kobold offers… cant afford it… i made my own by cutting the mixamo animations and creating my own…
lemme know need to upload somewhere lolol need space…

I would say you could but they wont be specialized for what first person camera would see.
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Sure there is a couple of ways to do it.

If you have a 3d app like Max you can use the same model and edit out the geometry until all that is left is the arms. With the poly edit under the skin you can collapse up to in the stack and export using the same skeletal rig as the character with the applied animation.


If like our character we have a material ID set up for just the arms so for 1st person we could have used an opacity map to hide the textures to the other parts of the copy of the player model.

In most cases you would get all those idle anims to your cam which might not be the best behavior. If you would create some common FPS feeling then try without bone socket somewhere between neck and chest.