3rd Person Action Shooter, C9

We are a small team developing a simple 3rd person multiplayer arena shooter. At the moment there is only three of use working on developement so there isnt much to show visually yet. We are however attempting to find people to help run some tests with us, starting this week. The game is currently in a very early alpha/concept phase. We should hve more to show soon. If you are interested in helping out, we are currently looking for some testers:

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Our team is creating a Multiplayer 3rd person Action Shooter and are in need of testers. There is only 3 of us developing so need more people to help test out the game throughout production. This would be a once a week process where we meet up and connect to play the game for an hour or two. Being a small team hinders us from producing much needed test results. You must have a steam account as this is our bases for joining the test server. If you got an hour to kill once a week and are interested in experiencing an evolving game from alpha (and potentially inputing some valuable feedback) then we could use your help. At this point in time there is no financial incentive except for recieving a free game at release and potentially being a accredited in the released version (only to people who put in consistent testing effort).

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It would be helpful if you could provide your gaming background,
Such as typical games you play and gaming hours a week.

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Need more people, specifically in the US.

Is the game really made with Unreal 4 ?