3rd party app question


I was using UE4LinuxLauncher to download my marketplace content to my Ubuntu installation.
While I know this isn’t supported, I can’t get response from the developer, so I’m trying to trouble shoot myself (digging through undocumented code).

Firstly, I don’t see an “api” reference portal, so I assume that this is literally trying to mimic a user logging in via the browser.

Anyway, going through the code and pulling out some links I see that when trying to connect to This Link
I get

errorCode “errors.com.epicgames.common.method_not_allowed”
errorMessage “Sorry the resource you were trying to access cannot be accessed with the HTTP method you used.”
numericErrorCode 1009
originatingService “com.epicgames.account.public”
intent “prod”

I’m not really sure where to start trying to debug this, so I thought I’d start here and see what is supposed to happen when third party applications connect to the Marketplace!

FYI, this was working correctly up to a couple of weeks ago, so not sure what has changed since then that I need to account for.

First off: cool did not know somebody got somewhere with creating custom launcher.

Second, the api around login would be changing and as it is expected to work “only” through official apps there would not be much documentation.

And third the link you provided need POST method not GET, as to what your browser would give you.

Thanks for the reply.
The launcher was pretty cool, and I’ve downloaded content before. I was merely looking to get a little more than previously, and now it’s not working. :frowning:

Do you know where/how “official” apps login, or where one could ascertain said info?

Yeah, I’m not super confident on debugging the mechanics of oauth, so not sure what I need to post here to help with getting to resolution.

Well the author of that project was originally inspired by a different project, maybe that can be reached to fix the oauth and based on their change we can fix the oauth in that java project:).

Sadly I do not think Epic is going to release the API documentation publicly so reverse engineering all the way :/.