3rd camera locked on a side/can I lock the 3rd person camera?

The simplest way to achieve this is to attach your camera to a spring arm. The during BeginPlay set the spring to use absolute rotation. This breaks the spring arm rotation from the character rotation. You are then responsible for rotating the spring arm to whatever your desired orientation is by setting it’s world rotation.

I recently saw a youtuber playing Little Nightmares Little Nightmares - Launch Trailer - YouTube … Im wondering how can I lock the camera like that ? I have an idea for a game that should be a side scroller but with a 3rd person movement but I cant get the camera to be locked so the player can`t rotate it

Sounds complicated…I`m kinda new…Can you show me with print screens or link me a video?Please

i`ll just give up

It’s not complicated at all. I’m not at my computer so I can’t send pics. Follow the normal procedure for attaching a spring arm to your character. You can use any of the tutorial projects as they all use a spring arm. In the BeginPlay event, drag a reference to the spring arm into the blueprint. Drag off of it and look for absolute location. It should give a node with three checkboxes. One for location. One for rotation, and one for scale. Attach the spring arm as target and the white line to execute.

Click the rotate check box to true. Then play the game. The spring arm will follow your character around but not rotate with it. Then you can add code to set the world rotation on the spring arm however you want my creating s rotator and setting the spring arm world rotation.

Here is another answer to your question with a details.

When I get home tonight, I’ll send pics of how to do this. It really is simple.

would be amazing if you can send some pics,i`ll wait

In your character blueprint, you’ll need a spring arm. In the 3rd Person tutorial they call it CameraBoom. As you can see in the image, I rotated it to view the character from the side and extended the spring arm to 800 units.

In the character event graph, I set the spring arm to use absolute rotation. Now the camera will follow the player but won’t rotate when the character does.

That is all you need to do to get a camera like Little Nightmares uses.

Just for clarity this is the movement setup I was using.

It worked,kinda…The controls are strange now,but the camera it`s locked,ty

You already ask the same question in another thread. Anyway…

You can start by studying the SideScroller template (start Epic Game Launcher → launch Unreal Engine → New Project → SideScroller template). You can find more details if you search about Side Scroller.

In the side scroller mode I can only move to sides,obv…I want to be able to move in any direction

But you can start by studying the camera settings from there and do that on your character. Or you can change the input from the character from that template so your character to be able to move in any direction.

I did what the guy said in the first answer and it worked but the movement from W A S D keys it`s affected if I move the mouse,any ideas why?

I guess there are some mouse entries left. In your movement setup check if you have any event called InputAxis and break the links.

You’re welcome

To unhook the mouse, just break the links under Input Turn and Input LookUp events.


Thank you,guys!