3DVUE presents our first UE4 visualisation!

Good Day fellow Unreal developers!

The team at 3DVUE are very proud today to showcase our first visualisation utilising the Unreal engine 4 technology!

We have been working on this project on-and-off for the last four months for our client.
This week we present it to the unreal community.

This particular house which is currently under construction is 75 squares in size over 3 levels.
The objective was to present the various material and fittings options available from the client, of which a few are shown in this demo.
To be honest we could of kept on working on this project and continued to tweak the lighting, materials and add more details, but we had to move onto the next project.
Client though is very happy!

Do have a look and would appreciate the feedback.
Apologies for the long video, but its a big house :slight_smile:
Also for the black screen for the first few seconds.


Beautiful! I want to live there! Good job :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks richardek!

Wow great job, realy nice lighting and detailed geometry! For me is only floor too glossy.

Well done!

Thanks for the feedback @Mardud!

Thank you @heartlessphil !