3dsmax newbie problem

My main problem is that everytime I create an object, later I cant access its details/settings/toolbox. On this print screen you can see that only the selected object’s (in this case a biped) name and color tool appears. I cant find where I can enable this toolbar option

Should be available in tab next to your current one, I don’t remember it’s name but it’s the square thing with a blue arc.

Hi Croatoan,

You can use my image as reference. But to directly edit the biped you’ll need to go to the motion tab (4th one from the right, or where I’ve got it circled as 1 below).

Then to edit you’ll need to select the figure mode (the little guy, or #2 circled in my image below). Make sure you have the entire biped selected since it looks at each part separately.

If you have any questions let me know! :slight_smile:


Should be there, but it’s not

Thank you!