3dsmax bones rig -> UE4 importing controller as Root issue


In the past i used CAT to do all my character rigs.
I am now switching to standard bone rigs in order to have more control and my own custom controllers.

I did create the rig and animated it. Works great.
What does not work great is the export pipeline.

When i export UE4 sees the main controller as the Root Component.
The left side is my rig in 3dsmax and the right side is what i get in ue4.

Any tips, advise would be appreciated. I do not want to go back to CAT because i have other rigs that have a lot more control than cat rigs.
Besides, cat rigs have the issue of finger bones always converting to mesh objects.


Turned out to be a wild goose chase.
I found that i forgot to link the spine bone to the hip bone. Which resulted in me being confused.
I assumed the Hip bone must be at the top of the hierarchy but turns out it doesnt need to be as long is there is a hierarchy.
In my case i had The root, The hip and the Spine which cause issues with the physics asset.

After i linked the spine to the hip the physics asset started behaving