3DSmax Biped rigger characters into UE4?

Can’t seem to find any tutorials regarding how to set up a rigged Biped from Max into UE4. Closest I can find is this;

which I think is more about converting from one system (biped) to another (cat) ?

There’s no special tutorial, it works the same as any other bone rig.

All you have to do is export your rigged character as an .fbx and then import that .fbx as a skeletal mesh in UE4. It should recognize your file that you’re trying to import as a skeletal mesh so it will detect this automatically on the FBX import settings. I had some issues with the import process a few days ago that I posted a couple threads about; mainly on animations. Click my name and check them out if you have any of the same issues. Good luck!

Is it possible to use the free animation starter pack, or 3rd person project file animations with a FBX skeletal mesh from a 3ds max biped? I can’t find a clear answer on this, but it seems like the answer is no because the free animations and project file animations can’t be simply dragged and dropped into the animation tab. Just like the OP the closest tutorial I can find is dealing with retargetting .bip animations to A CAT rig then importing to UE4. I have been looking for about 2 weeks now, and haven’t found any answer in any of the documentation or forums. It seems logical that you could retarget your skeleton to another in order to use the animations so maybe I’m doing something wrong.

ok been a long time since i used max but the simple workflow should work

  1. set the biped to the correct height in the figure settings and scale the mesh to fit, then use a xref modifier and collapse the stack
  2. skin mesh to biped using the “Skin” modifier
  3. set the biped into the T-pose and export via fbx
  4. import into ue4 and create a new skeleton
  5. now you can set-up your skeleton to re-target the Epic anims to your biped rig

Thanks, I will give it another shot, I used an A pose, and Physique instead of Skin because I find it easier to weight my vertices that wa so I’ll try again with a T pose and skin modifier and triple check my FBX export options. The mesh and rig should be correct height, I’m working with cm and when imported the character is about the same height as the 3rd Person Mannequin. Thanks again for the prompt reply.