3ds Max Vray Scene Converter to UE4

Hello guys, i making a mobile game on UE and I made some tool for optimization my workflow to export Scenes/objects. So i want to share it with community

It’s “one click” script to convert materials, baking AO, textures and lighting and to export and place in UE map

VrayMaterial -> UE PBR Shader:
Unreal - LEFT :))

Now it’s support Diffuse Color, Reflection, Refraction, Glossy, Fresnel checkbox and SelfIllumination. All Vray materials converts without any special editing for UE

It’s use One PBR shader for all materials that you have in scene. it’s used Vertex Color for Diffuse, Vertex Alpha for Ambient Occlusion. Metallic and Roughness used 3 UV map channel, and Specular, Emissive in 4 UV channel. Opacity overwrite Emissive if you have it :slight_smile:

My game model converted.

Emissive Test

Refraction test

now i make Texture processing for reflect/glossy (diffuse-> Vertex color already completed)

and i planned to do full Vray RawLighting and GI baking to Vertex Color and usual lightmaps

It’s really fast tool for export and preview models or for archViz

also it’s good for making LODs

it’s work with 3ds max 2014-2018 and Vray 3++

quick tutorial:

Download link:

TimeLapse of Full scene convertation.

The most frequent question in BP section of AnswerHub is “I have an issue with <cast>”. The most popular question about Rendering is “I messed up importing my model”. Probably we will never find an universal solution for the first one but this converter definitely is the way to go for the second one.

21 version released - Refraction and Emissive Support, new Texture Baking to Vertex Color

24 version released - exporting textures

25v released 36 version

Version 0.39 throws an “No “get” function for undefined” script error at baking AO into vertices. It unwraps and render the AO pass and then throws the error.
EDIT: “Vertex Color Pipeline” throws the same error.
Full “Textures Pipeline” with custom textures renders fine.
3dsmax 2018 with newest update3 and Vray 3.60.03.

v56 released, many features and improvements.

Hello, I downloaded w/o donating because I intend to either pay for Pro if it works, or find a different tool if not… I got a Maxscript error upon opening,: ‘-- Type error: addRollout requires RolloutClass, got undefined’’

I was hoping it would still work, so I kept going,. I hid everything but objects, selected objects, set a path in the Maxscript, then hit Export, it kept rendering what I ASSUME should be textures for the buildings etc, but are all 100% white,. Doesn’t seem to work…

I am in Max 2018 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit…

This says it wants like 400 minutes, to convert my entire scene the way it is,.??? I converted about 100 objects, I was unable to pull them into Unreal the way you did (selecting multiple FBX files, with Shift or CTRL button) (???) I had to import them one at a time,. (for the full scene that would take another 400 minutes LOL) then OF COURSE Unreal brought all the objects into the same exact spot: X=0 Y=0 Z=0 object space, so the whole world would have to be built again placing 20,000 objects (another 400 hours, NOT MINUTES!!!..)

The tutorial is very hard to follow, is there any better info out there yet? An actual step-by-step?

Also, It’s a little hard to even figure out WHAT THIS TOOL ACTUALLY IS, it is never explained,

does it do burned lighting? it is doing cameras? Lights? Just objects? Skin and bones? Characters? Multi-sub materials? I don’t even really know what it is supposed to do! $52 is a lot to buy something you know not what you’re buying! I just want to know it works :slight_smile:

Having to pull FBX’s in one at a time makes it completely unuable, I hope I am doing it wrong,…

also, Why the errors? Is it on my end somehow? Standard install as far as I know,…//

Could you PLEASE respond ? :slight_smile: I am happy to donate the second I see it do what it says,…

Your instructions speak of an file, there is only a MaxGameDevTools.mse file,… then the tutorial says: “Use Menu “U3D” in 3ds max to start and update script”
Can you maybe explain what this 'menu U3D is and where it might be? What this instuction means??
When I drag the only file MaxGameDevTools.mse in max 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018, the error is: ‘Type error expected rollout class, got undefined’


great!!! So: How to purchase or get full version??? There seems to be no way to buy…!