3ds Max to UE4 work flow question


I have a pretty big model in 3ds Max which I have broken down into smaller areas, but still a small area has a lot of objects in it.
I’ve made it small enough so it doesn’t take forever to import into UE4, and I’m pretty happy with the size of each model now.
The problem I’m facing is the UV Unwrapping from 3ds to UE4. If I select all the objects and group them and then add an uv unwrap to them, and fold it, I notice the texture doesn’t line up from one object to another.
If I select each object by themselves and then uv unwrap and fold it, the textures work fine… but I have many many objects and I don’t really want to do each one individually.
Just wondering what other people do in situations like this?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I have posted my question here -

If anyone knows the answer to :frowning:

You need to unwrap all of the objects separately. And instead of grouping them, you really should export each individual one, unless it’s something like a car, or similiar, but if it’s something like, say, a bedroom, then yea, everything should be exported out separately.

Hey SaviorNT, thank you so much for the response.
I was hoping that wouldn’t be the answer hehe. I have literally thousands of objects in my models :frowning:
Would it work if I UV Wrap them separately in 3DS Max and then export them as a single FBX but when importing them in UE4 I export them as separate objects? (sorry I’m not at a unreal engine computer to test this).

can you post a quick render from max of what it is you’re trying to do? There are several correct answers and proper methods, but without knowing what it is you’re doing or modelling, I can’t really give you the correct workflow / tips. All I know that it is an unspecified scene with thousands of objects.

Sure no worries.
Hope that isn’t too small to understand. The different colours are different inserted models, that’s not the whole model either, takes awhile for me to join them all together (so I just did a few of them to show an example).
**** the zip file (3ds max file) for a group of objects is too large to upload onto the forum :frowning:

Ok, so you’re designing a warehouse of sorts it looks like:

  • Don’t export the entire building as 1 mesh. Cut the wall into a section, and the same thing with one section of a side for the roof, etc… Make sure that the texture is seamlessly tileable
  • Are any of the objects similar or the same? If so, you only need to import one of these objects into the engine
  • Depending on the object, what I would do:
  • USE LAYERS!!! Each object/model should be in it’s own layer
  • Convert the object into an editable poly. Merge the other objects into it. Go into element selection, select the element, and assign it a material ID.
  • Unwrap UV’s, and do your UV mapping
  • Export the object (make sure the origin is at 0,0,0)

More or less. I’m in the process of creating a wormhole generator / player portal thing-a-ma-bob which I’m recording… I can upload it somewhere once I’m done; it should give you an overall idea of what exactly it is i’m talking about.

Wow thanks so much for your help!
I’ll give that a shot soon as I can :slight_smile:
Sounds great your wormhole generator thing-a-ma-bob, would love to see it in action when it’s done!

and Yeah it’s an iron ore storage shed in Australia.
Trying to break into the VR market / first person view for the clients to see their product in action before it goes up and site changes need to be made because something doesn’t work or look right. Could save the client and us lots of time and money! Anyway fingers crossed.
Thank you once again for your help. Will keep you updated with how things go!