3DS Max to UE4 Scale

I work primarily in 3DS Max, using the International generic Units scale setup, and when I export to UE4, a 1x1x1 meter block becomes a 1x1x1 centimeter block, which isn’t much use to me.
I don’t want to have to get used to using a different scale in 3DS Max as I have worked with this scale for 3 years and almost all of my artwork uses this.

Is there any way to get 3DS Max to export the models scaled to 1 meter, to be 100 centimeters in UE4, the equivalent scale relative to a character of a height 1.75 (5.74 ft) in UE4.

I am hoping there is a setting to correct or append this scaling in the export or unit settings, but nothing I try changes the export scale at all.

You can change the scale in the FBX export settings if you don’t want to adjust the units settings in 3ds Max

You can also change the scale on Import as well “Import Uniform Scale”, just do a 100 instead of 1. Axis changes can be performed here as well if you didn’t do X forward, modifying the Import Yaw +/- 90

I recommend doing it in the FBX export options though–the scale adjustments when you import to UE4 are just a property setting, so it’s better if it’s actually set to the correct scale

Gah, seems so backwards that it would modify the transform property instead of the mesh itself. It’s even worded in a way that you would think it does the conversion.

I will keep this in mind tonight as I am converting Torque DTS(Tribes 2) into FBX

There is another way to do this within Max easily (well somewhat easily). Open the model in Max and use the “Measure” tool to scale the object to the correct size using the scale tool. :slight_smile: