3DS Max to UE4 fbx problem


I am having problems importing a robot from 3DS Max to UE4. Importing an fbx file to UE4 splits up all the parts separately and gives each piece a separate skeleton and physics asset which is not intended, I want all pieces to share one physics/ skeletal asset since it will be controlled like a car.

This is what happens when imported: http://puu.sh/mZgKA/c93cb2a042.jpg

Any help is appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Is the mesh a collection of separated pieces in 3ds Max or is it one whole mesh (in other words, is the geometry attached together in 3DS Max)?

~ Jason

Thanks for the quick reply!
The body is all attached together but the wheels are not, can I attach them and still be able to use them to move the robot around?


Of course! Just make sure the wheels have their own bones attached to them and you should be fine.

If that doesn’t go over well, let me know so I can take a more in-depth look at it.

Good luck on your project!

~ Jason

Alright I will try that, thanks a lot!


For a skeletal mesh, you can export objects using Link attachments as long as they have the same root object that they are attached to–so for instance with a car, you could have the body as one mesh, and the wheels as separate meshes, link the wheels to the body and when you export it will essentially have the body as the Root bone and the wheels will be attached to it. You can also use Dummy objects to link things to. Just remember, you can’t use skinned meshes and linked meshes in the same skeletal mesh, so you’ll have to choose if you want to simply link objects together or create a bone skeleton and skin them to the bones.