3DS Max rigger LFW


I am a character rigger with near 3 years experience in a game studio, currently looking to do some freelance contractual work. I am proficient with 3DS Max and can provide high-quality custom rigs.

I have developed my own tools to rig with within 3DS Max, using Maxscript, and can easily adapt my workflow to fit your needs.

Here is a short sample of a type of rig I can make:

This particular character was obtained from the Unity store as a free model. It came with the bones and morphers on the character. I’ve rebuilt a rig on top of that to animate it myself, which btw, I can also do to an extent if you need something animated that doesn’t require 7 years of experience to accomplish, though I don’t have a demo of animation made. My main trade is rigging, however.


Hello everyone!

I am again available for more work opportunities. Also, I can nor offer a new service of transferring animation from an FBX file onto a rigged character. For example, if you acquire animations from an online store, such as the Unreal market place, I can apply those animations on the controllers of the character in 3ds Max.

Here is a sample of the results, following a new simple, more recent rig: