3Ds max real world mapping texture moving when importing to Unreal

I’m a total Unreal noob and just getting started with it, I’m having a problem with my texture not being in the same place when its in Unreal.

I’m using 3Ds Max, standard material with real world mapping set to the correct dimensions for the texture and the resolution is 2024x2024, I export to FBX and when it’s in Unreal the texture has moved slightly from where it should be.

Objects in max, the blue object is a real scale brick as a reference

Here’s the objects in Unreal

There’s no problem importing into Unity, the texture is in the same place

Any help greatly appreciated

first your texture should be 2048x2048. 2024 is not a power of 2.

I’m not really familiar with 3ds max real world mapping. World mapping in unreal is something different though. Are you using world mapping in unreal? If yes and you move the object you will see that the texture mapping changes. The texture always stays at the same spot in the world. (This way you can blend 2 objects seamless, that is what it is for)

You need to use an unwrap uv modifier in 3ds max. If you use the same texture and uv tiling it will be the same in both apps. Can you show us your material setup in unreal?

Sorry I meant 2048x2048, although it doesn’t make any difference in this case whether the texture is power of 2 or any dimension as i thought this to be the problem but changing it to power of 2 didn’t fix it.

I’m literally just importing my test model from max to Unreal, if i move my object in the world the texture stays fixed to the object?

Here’s the setup from max’s side

It doesn’t seem to be moving horizontally at all only vertical by about half a brick.

I would normally unwrap from max but the models I’m working with have used real world mapping workflow and would be a big job to unwrap everything.


Are you working in mm in max? In the mesh properties you could try to tick full precision uvs but I doubt thats the problem. How do the uvs look on the mesh in the mesh property window? Or maybe you swapped y with z up (or the other way around) when exporting to fbx from max? Did you try to export to obj instead of fbx? Sorry just fishing. Would be good to see the uv layout on the mesh in unreal and in max to compare it.

I just realized that your texture is scaled non uniform in 3ds max. (1800*1725) You probably have to scale it the same way in the unreal material.

I don’t think real-world mapping will translate to UE4. What you would probably have to do instead is apply a UVW Mapping modifier with maybe Box mapping and then set the size of the box to whatever size you want the texture to be. That will then modify the UV’s itself and you won’t have to modify the texture.