3DS Max question

What version of 3D Studio Max would be best for working with UE4? I remember in UDK it was an older version.

Max version doesn’t matter really. FBX does, however. FBX 2014 still isn’t fully compatible yet so you’d want to export as FBX 2013.

Does the 2014 version of Max have the 2013 exporter?

It does.

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Ok cool thank you very much fine sir! Also do you have Skype? it would be great to have somebody to talk about UE4 with.

No problem! I have Skype but i dont use it much. However, you can visit here to talk to a bunch of people from the community and Epic staff;

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Right in the settings of FBX exporter you can select FBX version, down to FBX 2006.

Thanks very much doC