3ds max import - 2 problems

Hy guys, I need some little help in importing fbx from 3ds max that I created. I google few days but didn’t find answers.

Here is my simple house what I created in max, I’m still learning max.



With red color is my biggest problem, this is a simple gutter for rain.

When I want to export fbx, i have this error:


And when I import house to UE4, my gutter is not in good place and I have some strange holes in wall.



Can somebody help my?

The holes in the side of the house is due to flipped normals. Take your model back in max, click poly or object then select all. You will see that those polys are darker than the rest, this means they are flipped. To fix it, in poly selection mode click those faces and flip them or unify. There is also a tick box that says “show normal”, normals will be dark blue and stick out 90 degrees from a surface. If they are flipped they will be very short and pointing in.

Opps the error message I can’t see too small or my eyes are bad lol. As for the gutter, did you scale or move it at one time? You need to place it back in its position, then in utilities, select “reset Xform”, then what I would do is attach the gutter to your house, they will import as a single mesh, even tho they are different objects.

I think this is what the problems are, but I can’t read the error message, so I’m taking a best guess.
Unless the error is due to geometry errors.

oh thank you very much, i will try this with this problem with hole in house :smiley:

Error in that picture is:

““One or more objects in the scene has local axes that are not perpendicular to each other (non-orthogonal).
The FBX plug-in only supports orthogonal (or perpendicular) axes and will not correctly import or export any transformations that involve non-perpendicular local axes.””

I hope the normal are the problem it seems to be, easy fix. As for the gutter, I had similar movement, then I reset the Xform (I think this is what the error refers to). Basically after you model and have everything in place, always reset Xform, this aligns all bounding boxes and pivot points to the World coordinate system.

As I suggested I would attach the gutter to the house, highlight the house then click attach, then click on gutter, this will bring the gutter material along with it.
I currently have an example I’m working on that shows this, this house has 5 objects all attached to the House object, but outputs as a single mesh. The reason is UVWs and texturing made easier.

oh, this thing with reset xform works!! Thank you very much!
Your house is very beautiful, but how you only got 5 objects?
I mean - all that stairs, fence, windows…

This my house have cca 50 objects minimum.
Maybe I must attach all what i can to one object and then with id numbers creat separeate material.

Where i can find what is best options when i export and import models from 3ds to ue4? There is few options to turn on or off but this is to complex to me for now :smiley:

I’m glad reset Xform worked for you. :slight_smile:

The objects are steps, porch (porch structures), Iron railing, roofs and windows. They were separate objects modeled then attached to the main object, each a separate id/material id and UVW channels.
As for the best options, Unreal keeps an awesome info base in their help section. That is your best option. :slight_smile:
Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Hm, then I will attach some objects together so maybe will be easier when exporting (3 windows will be now 1 window etc).

Ok, but what I don’t get it, lets say that you have:

  • wall
  • some object on wall

You set some material to wall, and UVW map option: BOX mapping.

Now you set some material to object, and new UVW map option to object: FACE mapping

Ok, and when I attach object to wall - materials from objects stays good, but FACE mapping is deleated, and object have mapping what is pressent in wall - BOX mapping.

And then I have problem that texture is not good.

This is just example.

I wouldn’t go crazy attaching objects, only the basic house structure. Everything else would be a separate asset to populate your scene.
Keep it simple.

Yesterday I found why textures is broken when I export to UE4…


Here is isolated house walls.

My mistake is because I create 6 different walls, and then attached them to one object - house walls.

And now I have 6 objects attached to one asset. See that?

But when I turn UVW map, textures works good in 3ds max - but not when I export them.

How can I reset this 6 attached objects to one good asset?

You created your mesh (walls) with boolean, didn’t you…?
There’s the problem right there, can’t you see it? The proper LOW POLY mesh should have QUADS and not N-gons as maximum shape (triangles are best). More to it, Editable Poly. FBX converts it into Editable Mesh and then Triangulates it most of the time due to Turned Edges (whatever that mean). Look at your wall. How many edges are connected to the window? One. The rest is being triangulated by the fbx exporter:

You need OBVIOUS mid edges of the mesh. Or it will screw itself up.

yes, I created it with boolean.Thank you, i’m still amateur, i will try this.

Sorry for my attitude back there. I got back from work and my nerves are quite strained. Anyways, thing is, every low poly object should be created with faces or quads. Three verticles per face, 2 faces are a quad.

Verticles are points that are not visible in game. Edges can’t exist alone, there need to be at least 3 verticles and 3 edges to create a face. Two faces are quads, more faces are polygons, n-gons, people tend to name them different names.

Unreal likes faces and quads. Isn’t very found of polygons. Example of triangulated mesh:


Taken from Wiki Page: Polygon mesh - Wikipedia

Try and google or youtube a vid on low poly modeling, it might help. As for house build, here’s what I do most of the times:


Feel free to ask. Again, sorry for my attitude. That was rude of me.

Hey, no problem! :slight_smile:
My biggest problem is because i’m learning from you tube tutorials and my brain think now that I can draw or model anything. But this things abour faces, quads and polygons I didn’t learn and think that this is necesary.
Thank you very much, I will now studied this theory of quads etc, and then post my result here :wink:

For now I only works about 30 hours in max…

If you model with boolean, which is fine! There is another step you need to do. Make it an editable poly (or mesh), go into the vertex selection tool, select everything, and select merge. Make sure that the distance is the default 0.01. Each time you do a boolean operation merge the vertices.

Another tip is that you can make the object an editable mesh. There is an option in there to “Show Normals” - I use this religiously as I have a hard time with the red shades that edit poly uses :\

edit: I have a 2-3 hour or so “Start to Finish” designing a house, and getting it into UE4… too bad that YT nixed my account due to “copyright violation” for an AMV I produced.

what is different betwen CUT and CREATE command? Some lines betwen two vertices I cant CREATE together because I cant select some vertices…

I’ve created new walls for my house and now texture is ok!
So problem was in some walls line maybe…

Now I must learn only tringulate edit because shading od my walls in UE4 is weird :frowning:

It looks like I have some line on wall, but there is no line.

After few tutorials, I do a tesseleate modifier and get this…

And for now works very good, first pictures from engine after collision works:



But for now, a little problem :smiley:

Texture position and rotation is not in the same place in 3ds and when exported to Engine.


Now must find why this heapens.