[3ds Max] Help creating uv channels and set up different materials

Hello Unreal engineers,

I’ve been working on a simple model house. Basicly my model consist out of 4 parts: Roof, Stairs, Floor and Walls. All separate objects. I have uv’d all of them. And create a multi/sub-object material for them. and have set material id’s for the polygons. As you can see here:

My initial idea was to make separate materials for each parts of the model. So I did. But for the walls element, I want it to have outside of the walls to be on different UV channel, inside of them on a second, pillars on third, borders on fourth. Basicly have different texture for each part. For example paint the outside walls with bricks while the inside with concrete (just example) But not quite sure how to setup that.

Can someone help?


That’s the uv’s

Just use one UV Layout for the actual material, and assign different Material IDs to the polygons you want to have different materials. You don’t have to worry about overlapping that way. You do not need multi/sub-object maps for single meshes that aren’t combined, they will all have their own material slot due to being different models.

Keep in mind that you might want to do a second UV channel for the Lightmap.

Hi OzoneBG, don’t know if it could be helpful for you needs but a good way to have different looking materials with just one created is to use RGB (+Alpha) Channels; if you see the table of the realistic apartment, you’ll see that its various material part come from just one material.
I tested by myself and found it very useful :o