3ds max character rotation issues

Greetings all!

when i import a 3ds max character (that is NOT a 3ds max biped) into unreal, i have to rotate it “about” 270 degrees before it actually rotates “about” 90 degrees.

Has anyone seen this problem before and knows what i’m doing wrong?

See images for better understanding.

Thank you for your time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a problem that can occur if an object is nonuniform scaled and it’s local transforms are not reset. If for example if you scale up the hip bone and not reset the scale in the bone tools then it’s rotation rate will be twice or half the rate of the parent bone.

To see if this is the case in 3ds Max select a bone in a progressive order and make sure it’s relative scale is set to 100%. If it’s scale is more or less than 100% strange things will happen.

Must know things about 3ds Max.

If you scale anything in 3ds Max using the scale tool it only changes the relative scale of the object and not the local scale that seems Unreal 4 uses . This can create problems when trying to move something or when using a physics based solution so be sure to xform rest mesh objects or use the bone tools resets for bones. Be sure to unlink the bone you are resetting or the reset will migrate up the chain.

Thank you very much for your response but the problem persists, or i simply didn’t do it right. anyway i went through every bone and geometry and they were all at 100% scale.

Thank you again for taking the time to help me with this.