3ds Max 2023 to U.E 5.4 with DataSmith (missing)

Hello community!

I finally found a way to import my 3D projects from 3ds Max 2023 to Unreal Engine 5.4 perfectly. DataSmith!

However, I have the DataSmith function only in one project not in my main project.
What exactly is the reason for this?

I have already uninstalled it, deleted the registry and reinstalled it. But I can only find it in my other projects and not in the one where I need it. :confused:
(It’s enabled in the plugins)

Best regards Robert

Nobody? :frowning:

Hey there @RobertM1987! Welcome back to the community! Just to clarify, you’re unable to see and add the Datasmith plugin inside your primary project but it is visible in every other project in 5.4?


Exactly, it is enabled in the plug-ins and usable in other projects, but missing in my main project. :confused:

Interesting. Are the other Datasmith adjacent plugins missing as well or just the importer? One workaround you could use is finding your engine plugin folder UE_5.1\Engine\Plugins\Enterprise under the enterprise group and you can put the DatasmithImporter plugin directly in your Project’s plugin folder and enable it as usual.