3ds Max 2022

Any news on Datasmith for Max 2022? I can’t find it anywhere and Max 2022 has been officially released for some time now.

Hello Teriander,

The 4.27 preview version of the Max Datasmith plugin are compatible with 2022.

You can find the latest version (preview 2) at the following link : Datasmith Exporter Plugins - Unreal Engine

Make sure to switch the version to 4.27 before downloading the executable.

As of today, the last version was uploaded June 22nd 2021, and has been tested with Max 2022.


The problem with this. Is that 4.27 is not production ready. Do I need to upgrade my project to a non-production ready version of UE4, just to use datasmith in 3ds Max 2022?

3ds Max 2022 is production ready, and the only reason we haven’t upgraded is because datasmith isn’t supported by it, unless we have 4.27 UE4?

The 4.27 Datasmith Exporter plugins are back compatible with 4.26, you can safely upgrade the 3ds Max plugin and stay on Unreal Engine 4.26.