3DS Max 2015/2016 crash when exporting with LODs

I have an really annoying problem, that I hope someone else had as well and solved, because I cannot find any solution for this.
I have a mesh with two lods and 3 collision boxes, group together, and I added the Level of Details on the mesh, lods and group, however when I export the FBX, the program crashes. There is no problem exporting the whole group before I added the Level of Detail to it, it only happens when I create a lod set.

I tried renaming objects, creating new box and attach the meshes to it, change FBX settings, but nothing seem to work, and I had no luck finding anything online, only a post on Autodesk about the same issue, but no replies.

I tried it on both 3DS Max 2015 and 2016 (not 2017 as I won’t be working with that). Below is a picture of the scene explorer after creating the Level of Detail set:


Anyone have any idea what I can do to solve this, as it will be a royal pain in the **** to export the LODs separate from the mesh and put it together in Unreal, 3x the time.

I kinda sorted out the crash problem, if I attach the UCX to the mesh itself, or have them outside the group, it doesn’t crash.
However now the collision is not working when importing into Unreal, when opening the model in the editor, it shows “Num Collision Primitives: 0”.
If I reimport it, the collision appears, however it’s position is at 0,0, instead of being in the middle of the mesh… The pivots are the same place for all the elements, group, mesh, lod, collision, so it shouldn’t be offset like that. This is getting really annoying.


So, I figured out what makes it go offset, it’s the option in import for “Transform Vertex to Offset”, if that’s off, the collision mesh will be in the collect place, but the whole model is now offset to where it was when you exported it from 3DS Max, which makes “Transform Vertex to Offset” pretty useless. It seem that UCX are not getting affected the same way by this option as the mesh.
Also, I still need to do the reimport before the collision turns up. Is there any solutions for this?