3DMAX > UDK (Mass Exporting Problem)

*Hello everyone, before I begin this post I would like to say hello to everyone here. I am very new to this community and look to get active in the world of game development and UDK. I have had some experience of game design before and UDK is a big step for me, so I am going to be learning loads! Anyway, now that is out the way, let’s begin.
I have been trying to remaster a map from Quake into UDK for a visual project. I am using 3DS Max, a program created by Autodesk. I took the map from the older engine (.BSP file) and converted it into a .OBJ for 3DS MAX. Once in 3DS Max, it allows me to select every single little aspect of the map, and isn’t grouped.

Screen capture - 623f31b958a0ee4e5a25539d6e185b02 - Gyazo - See how every little bit of the map is separate? This would be perfect for texture re-assignment within UDK.

Anyway, I am aiming to export every single aspect of the map so that I can assign textures within UDK.

However, this happens…

Screen capture - 6ce86a4cc4058037269d59d8bb50561f - Gyazo - Everything has grouped together! Well, kind of, It seems to have combined multiple meshes together, have no idea why though, because one, I am a noob and two, all of the meshes were separate in 3DS Max (Such as pieces of the roads being separate)

So here is what I want to find out UDK Community :slight_smile:

I want to find out how to export every single mesh from any program (doesn’t have to be 3DS Max) into UDK, so that I can assign textures to the map and so everything is separate such as an individual window to a building within Unreal.

Thank you so much, If anybody needs further information, I will be looking at the comments all day!

  • Thank you, James <3

In 3ds Max you have those meshes all attached to a single object, you need to detach each element to a separate object (there are scripts for this if you do a maxscript search)
However, since each surface is separated, that’s not a good way of doing a map, since you’ll end up with a high draw call count it would be better to separate the elements and then attach groups that would use the same material so that you have fewer draw calls.
When you import to UE4, make sure to uncheck the box Combine Meshes

Thank you very much for the advice, however, I don’t really know what I’m searching for, have you got any links/advice to point me in the right direction? :slight_smile: