3Dish Beat 'em up top-down game - putting together team

Project canceled/on hold due to lack of participants.

**Project Codename: **pc1000

**About Me: **I’m a self educated programmer of C# and game design enthusiast who has been in variance technology practices for 10 years. Currently I work part-time so I will be able to, and plan to dedicate time to this project. I’ve been with UE4 a few months now and work mostly in blueprints. My programming and game logic abilities are a lot better than my artistic side.

**Game Concept: **The project will best represent an enhanced clone of Pokemon Rumble. Players will be able to jump in and out at any time with any level of expertise, although some skill will be needed to progress further. Much like Pokemon you will be able to acquire rare creatures by chance and enhance them through a RNG system and in-game currency and item drops. Terrain design will be pretty simple and the models will be static meshes which are animated through rotations such as: wobbles, tilts, spins. I am open to processing animations through skeletal meshes instead. There are other ideas I have to make the game more unique and bring higher game play quality but at the moment they’re not a high priority. Initially the game will be released for Windows with controller support and will be ported over to Android only after a full stable release.

**What’s Already Done?: **I’ve created a rough AI system which can easily be improved upon, and will be. Player movement with multiplayer camera has been completed but will need alterations once a real level is built. Attacking functions and algorithms have been made and structured; basically everything ties together and can be easily accessed through monster and player blueprints.

**What Needs To Be Done?: **Animations for attacks and player movements, particles for mostly attacks and minor ambient effects, basic level design, enhanced AI, various programming task, a lot of fluff material that will come much later.

**What Is The Progression Plan?: **Every contributor is expected to show weekly progress, while touching in with the team at least twice a week. The goal is to design one demo or full level with 2-3 monster types including their attacks and animations. Once this base has been completed we will expand on attack types, as monsters will just be model changes with different attacks. A complete level will be built, and then fluff features. Communication method can be discussed.

**Roles Needed: **
[COLOR="#FF0000"]You do not need to be professional by any means but you should be able to research and complete your task without the aid of team members. This does not mean you can’t make suggestions or receive input. Need one person per role to start, but definitely don’t mind taking on more(varies per role). It’s important each group has a dedicated specialist to reduce pressure on team members and ensure project progression moves linearly.

Modeler: Modelers will be in charge of basic level design and simple character creation.
Slot 1: Bjarr
Slot 2:

Particle Designer: You will be in charge of creating effects and attacks.
Slot 1:
Slot 2:

Animator: Responsible for animating static meshes, or skeletal meshes depending which route we go.
Slot 1:
Slot 2:

Programmer(blueprint/cpp) And Project Designer: Task will include structuring the project/workflow and blueprint or cpp work of all game aspects.
Slot 1: Myself(me)
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

Project Lead And Director:
Slot 1: Obviously this game is my idea and I’ve put a large sum of thought into it but I want to hear from the entire team on any aspect of the projects creation.

**Final Thoughts And How To Apply: **Before applying please read this entire post thoroughly and have a good understanding as to what’s expected from you as a member. If you cannot fulfill your task you will be replaced. This is to ensure that others which put effort into learning and contributing are not wasting their time. To apply simple post your Skype contact information and I’ll reach out to you. Alternatively, you may send me a private message with the subject “pc1000” with your Skype and/or email. To avoid spam do not post your email publicly on the forum.

**Did I Miss Anything?: **Please, let me know! Thank you for reading.


While my work is not yet the best i can do great user interface design and yay unreal engine is working now on my PC again and so is my internet, and i am getting windows 10…

Well take the time to get your computer up and running smoothly, we still have a bit of recruiting to do. I could definitely use the help of an interface designer. I assume you’re familiar with UMG/blueprints?

Have you some sketches of the models you need?

No, mostly just code. I’m not much of an artist. I’ve been working on the background work but I’m at a point now where I need visuals to do more testing. I planned on simplistic characters without any complex work but still unique. Something that could be identified eg: bird, dinosaur, whatever but nothing HD.

The real tree in the road is setting up particles. It seems not many people are experienced with materials or particles. Lately, I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading on the subject.

I could help with the 3d model problem. I am a 3d animator using blender as my mainstay

how about a composer?

You really need to stop experimenting with colours.

You are more than welcome to join us. Unless you’re afraid of Clowns… hehe