3D Widgets blurring

Following this already fixed issue:

Widget component appears to blur while in motion in 4.22. I already migrated from 4.21 quite some time ago, and various work has been put into the project. I can’t migrate back to 4.21, and I have to wait for 4.23 for this to be fixed.

Is there anything else that I can do?

Hi you can set the Widget Component to Screen.


…which turns them to 2D widget overlays. I need a 3D widget in the world, otherwise I’d have used an UMG only… or am I missing how I would use your suggestion to achieve a 3D widget as supposed?

I had this problem too. I manually applied the following fixes to 4.22.3:
This seems to work.

Did you compile the engine with these changes or did you create your own component? Not sure I get it though, this is on Paper2D, not the 3D Widget…

I compiled the engine with these changes.
You can ignore the changes in PaperRenderSceneProxy.cpp but you need the fixes in DynamicMeshBuilder.h/.cpp because they are needed in the second commit for the WidgetComponent.

BTW this should be the commit that fixes it, though it depends on other major engine changes:

Look at my answer. In the first commit there are the engine changes in DynamicMeshBuilder.
The second commit is the same link posted by you.

Got it. Thanks.

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Does this fix translucent material text blur in 3d widget?