3d Widget with Set Screen Space Size

I am trying to place an actor in my scene with a floating UI widget above it. I know I can set it to world space and that I can scale it so it shows up in the world at that size. There is also the Screen space option that if I understand it correctly, will always stay the same size on the screen no matter how far the character is away. I cannot seem to figure out how this works. Does anyone have any info or tutorials that may help me. I’ve searched and can’t seem to find anything.

Essentially, when I am far away, my widget is too small to read. I want my widget to stay the same size on my screen no matter the character’s location.

Is there any particular reason why you’d need a 3d widget for this? If you want your widgets stay the same size at all times, just use a normal widget and track its location in the owning actor.

By track its location in the owning actor, do you mean to tract the actor’s location on the screen and the widget would move to stay aligned with it?

I attached two screenshots. In the first you can see the widget is too small to read, and in the second when zoomed into the actor, it is good. Using a 3d widget was my only thought for how to get it to mark a specific location in the world.

Yeah, it’s a straightforward process of projecting 3d world to 2d screenspace.

If you want to continue with widget components, you can switch them to screen space:

Ah, i think I got your Project world to screen working now. Thanks!