3D Widget quality problem

Hello there!

I’ve got a little problem with the quality of my 3D widget.
Here is a picture of my problem.


I don’t know why, but the Text color is grey in-game, and it’s quality is really bad too.

What can I do to make it look better?


Any idea???

seems like a streaming texture problem, or maybe there’s some res cap on umg elements in your scene.
Dunno though, never used umg.

Ok. I have started a new test project and I made the same UMG widget and the quality is perfect. I checked the project settings, and everything is the same. I don’t know what is wrong with my main project.

I’ve been noticing this as well when using 3D widgets. Did you figure out what would have caused this to occur in your main project?

It could just be an editor thing, have you tried it in-game? Like outside of the editor environment.

tried arleady to build and then try the launch?

I figured it out… It was user error ;0

In the Blueprint under my Widget component, I was using ‘Draw Size’ to shrink the displayed size of the widget. Because a 3d widget actually displays the result of a render-target, the Draw Size refers to size of the target the widget renders to. Setting this back to a high value, and then reducing the Scale under Transform fixed my issue.

Do you have to render it in the world? Screen space would work much better. Do you require it to work with HMDs or something?