3d Widget problem

Hello To everyone,
I’m Sticking with a problem that i’m unable to solve, probably i miss something about the logic behind the BP function…
What i’ve done is to create a Widget in order to simulate an inventory, in fact if i open the UI during the game and i pick up an object from the floor, it works properly, i destroy the actor form floor and create in real time the image 2d tile in my inventory, i want to specify that this script work even when i pick up the object and the inventory is on screen, it means the inventory is refreshed immediately.
The problem it occur since i have to use the inventory as a 3d widget, in order to manipulate it in VR. In this case i just created an actor class and i added the widget to the actor, after, with the execute of a command on my motion controller i spawn the 3d widget actor on my left hand bone and i destroy the actor when i repress the same key. I have to say that the pick up scripting it works perfectly like in 2d, except the fact that in order to see the modification on my 3d inventory i have to close it first and re spawn. Since in 2d the widget refresh in real time even when you pick up the object while your ui is opened, in 3d version it doesn’t it’s like i miss something concerning not the 2d widget but something concerning the actor who hold the 2d widget. Because it refresh the info on the inventory only when i close it and i reopen…
Do i missing something in the logic of the re spawn of the 3d widget?

For the moment i solved in this way:
Every time i do a modification on the widget, like adding to the inventory a new object i destroy and recreate the actor with the widget on the same place. In this case it refresh correctly but there is kind of annoy to see this super fast pop up of the inventory every time you do an action on it, mainly in vr…

here no one who faced the same problem?