3D Widget on moving vehicle?

Is it possible to put 3D Widget on a moving vehicle instead of on a scene?

Yes, 3D Widgets are just regular components that can be attached to any blueprint. You’ll have your vehicle blueprint, you can just go to Add Component and choose the Widget Component. Then it’s a child of the blueprint actor and as the vehicle moves, so will the Widget component.

I tried to add the 3D Widget to the vehicle blueprint and moved it to the dashboard but when I play the game, the 3D Widget doesn’t show up on the dashboard.

Did you set the 3D Widget’s class in the component details panel?

I set the 3D Widget’s class in the component details panel. I followed the tutorial in a new project and it worked. I already have a widget (not 3D widget) that displays the rear-view mirrors and text that displays the speed and gear. That widget is set up so that the mirrors are in the top corners of the screen and the text is positioned so that it is on the (not attached to) dashboard but when I use mouse-look, the text stays on the screen and not move along with the dashboard. How do I set up 3D Widget so that the text moves along with the dashboard?

Could you post a screenshot of your setup? Be sure to include the details pane.

Something is wrong with this website. I can’t upload more images after the first one because I get a message saying “Database Error”.


I attached the 3D Widget to the van’s dashboard.


This is how 3D Widget looks when I play the game.


This is how I want the 3D Widget displayed when I play the game. The screenshot shows a different widget.


This is how different Widget looks when I play the game.


This is the blueprint for 3D Widget.

From your blueprint, it looks as though you’re just adding a Widget Blueprint to your game Viewport. I believe you want to add a Widget Component (Components –> Add Component –> Widget) which will then allow you to move the Widget with whatever the parent is (your Vehicle in this case). Make sure when you make the Widget component that you set “Widget Class” to your “3dwidget.”

I think you also need to set “Space” to Screen, instead of World, otherwise, at least for me, the quality of the text drops. I also have an issue where the Widget does not properly line up with the parent when placed in-game, though at least you should be able to move around the 3dwidget to your liking.

An example for not having my parent and widget line up is that I will have my parent at location 850/-250/1, and then I have to set the world location of the widget to 1170/-1330/1 for it to be on top of the parent in-game. I am not sure how to fix this issue.

How do I add “Widget Component” to the BP? I think that the blue “return value” in “Widget Component” can’t be connected to the blue “target” in “Add to Viewport”. Any suggestions? I’m using UE 4.8.

Under the Components tab of the BP, click “+Add Component” and select “Widget.” Then under the details panel for that Widget, you can set your Widget Blueprint.

If you’re having the problem I think you are (trying to ‘attach’ something from UMG to another blueprint) then I’d suggest following this:

I am also using 4.8, but struggled with the Widget component, so I followed the longer instructions. It is working great for me and I can easily place my UMG widget on my actor or anywhere else, relative to my actor. If you do follow those instructions and need any help, I’d be glad to try to help you out.

namcap, the [UMG Tutorial] - Placing Widgets Over Actors In Screenspace - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums thread is confusing. Please help me out.

The first picture takes place in a Widget Blueprint (UMG), so make one of those, then add a Horizontal Box, and in that box add a Text component.

Then, in the graph portion (next picture) of the Widget Blueprint, add those nodes. You can ignore the “Select” and “Set Visibility” nodes, you don’t need those. To make a variable of your type, just create a new variable, and make the type “Vehicle” or whatever the name is of your vehicle blueprint.

The next picture shows your vehicle blueprint, so go to that. Add the nodes starting from “Event Begin Play”… you don’t need the Event Destroyed nodes.


This is the 3D Widget blueprint


This is where the 3D Widget is supposed to be on the dashboard.


Where is the 3D Widget?


How in the whole world the 3D Widget get there?

I think that this has something to do with the “Get Actor Location” and the “Convert World Location to Screen Location” nodes.

This is the screenshot from Unity 5.1.1. In that program, it was easy to create “3D Widgets”. How can I fix the problems with 3D Widget in UE 4.8?