3D Widget interaction without first person shooter?


Complete noob I’m afraid. So forgive any foolishness…

I’m trying develop a virtual gallery of sorts, that you can wander around in viewing objects on pedestals . I want to be able to press a button on the pedestal and rich content appear like a hologram.
All the tutorials I’ve found assume I’m creating a game in FirstPersonShooter mode. Are there any tutorials that are more just for like an architectural walkthrough rather than having a massive gun sitting in front of you?!



Make a copy of the first person character and remove the gun from it and anything related to it. You would need to add some blueprint nodes to the character if you want interaction. So don’t be afraid to change anything in the copy.
You find the currently used character blueprint in the world settings. The game mode defines character, controller and other player related actors. So you could also make a copy of the game mode and swap your character with the default one.

Maybe watch this video here as a starting point