3D Widget Interaction HOVER not working (but clicking does!)

Hi guys, first time posting a question here so I’m a bit nervous but I couldn’t find anything specifically about this issue, so here I go…

So I’ve seen a lot of questions asked about how to get the CLICK of the mouse interaction to work against a 3D Button. In those reported cases, the HOVER seems to work without issues for people. I have the exact OPPOSITE issue. Here are the key points:

  • Clicking (by binding to Press/Release Pointer key) works fine
  • Using the OnHover event on the button works fine
  • The “Hovered Sound” works fine (under APPEARANCE of the button)

So where this is failing for me is the Hovered APPEARANCE > STYLE > HOVERED setting. I know the button widget is detecting the hovered event (see above), but why would the appearance not change per the setting? BTW, the Appearance/Style setting itself seems to be working okay because when I actually CLICK the button, the PRESSED style does reflect the custom style I set for it.

This is really odd and I’m pretty sure it’s some silly oversight on my part. And I had this working just fine in a different project, made under 4.15.

Sorry for asking the question without an example project. If needed, I’ll find a way to share it (it’s 4GB so I’m unsure how best to do this…).

Just FYI, I did discover this issue, but wanted to point out that my issue is not related to using “Mouse for Touch”.

The “Hovered Sound” works fine (under APPEARANCE of the button)

This doesn’t work for me… it fires the hovered sound over and over again within miliseconds. I thought it was a bug related to how the raycast was hitting the button box-