3D Widget Component doesn't register clicks

I am using a Widget interaction component to communicate with the 3D widget component and the on click functionality of the 3D Widget component does not activate at all
I have tried -
Enabled Receive hardware input
Checked collision - widget component has it on blocked for visibility
set the trace length really high
I have enabled debug to see the trace actually hits the widget
I have gone as far to make a fresh project and test it out and the pics are from the fresh project and still doesn’t work

The click event on the widget blueprint works but the 3D widgets components on clicked doesn’t
Please someone help I have been going mad at this problem for about 3 hours know :frowning:

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Where did you add the Interaction Component to?
In an Actor not being the Player?

If yes, you need to give this actor an Input Receive value in his class defaults.

Its recommendet to add the Interaction Component to a Pawn/Character/PlayerController… That has the Ability to receive Player Inputs by default.

So in my og project it was on a character and still it wasn’t working with the same setup.
The click works on the widget blueprint only and according to the documentation its supposed to work that way but I can’t understand why the on click for the component does not work

Okay I have found a work around to this problem, simply added a box collision around the 3d widget and tried it and voila! it works!