3D Weapons artist

Skillset: 3D Weapon Artist

  • 2+ years experience in Unreal Engine 4 and game development
  • Experienced in all the passes regarding weapon design and production. From planning the design, to the LODs and optimization.
  • Experienced in any kind of weapon style, from modular to fixed, including mechanical internal parts.
  • Experienced in technical art, to blueprinting and C++(I can understand everything involving the programming phase and the needs for it) and shader creation.
  • I can prepare everything involving UE4 including a base Blueprint and the Materials


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: Bellini Virgil#2759
(I answer usually within 2 to 3 hours)

About me:
I’m 29 years old and just finished my Digital Arts Academy in Italy
I am a precise, professional and reliable person, and can tailor your work to all your needs
I can offer low prices for whom cannot afford the standard price, especially for indies
I don’t accept royalty/rev share work

Thank you for watching this post and I can’t wait to be working with you guys, Cheers!

Artstation - available for freelance

Bump! Still available

Oh and this piece ended up on the Hunt community showdown wrap-up too

Artstation - available for freelance

Bump! Available!

Bump! Available again!

Available for work again!

Available again!

Available for freelance again!

Available for work again!

Available for work!

Aaand available for work again!
Update: Thank you all for your mails and contact requests!
I will be absent for a week after the 21st! But I will be back soon after!