3D Weapon creation: poly count & feedback

Hi all,

I’ve made my first weapon in high poly to low poly. I was wondering how high the poly count was for modern games. This weapon has 6.282 (6k) polies.
Also I would like to receive some feedback and criticism about my carbine. :slight_smile:

High quality images + Albedo / AO / Metal / Normal / Roughness
See all images:

G36C by GuntranHoet on Sketchfab

Thanks in advance,
Guntan Hoet

Do you have a low poly version?

Most FPS weapons are anywhere from 5k to 8k to a max of 10k.

I recommend baking out normal maps if you can…

Good looking weapon though.

~ Jason


This render is my low poly version in Unreal 4.

The normal maps are baked from a high poly model onto this low poly model. Or do you mean I should try include more in the normal map instead of using extra polygons?

Please excuse me, I miscounted the number of polygons. The number of polygons is 6.282 (but it has 11.2k faces, according to Sketchfab) :wink:

That’s a very nice looking weapon you have made. Does it function? Meaning does the… stock is it?.. swivel? Safety switch move? Just curious. :slight_smile: Admiring the tiny little details you threw into it.

Looks really good!
Regarding to the tri count -> it always depends on the game and how you will use the mesh. 6k for such a mesh is acceptable, but I always say: stay as low as possible :smiley:


I’ve not rigged this (yet). But during the creation I made sure that the stock at the end could rotate - in max I put my pivot there, folded the stock, and it worked - Same for the trigger. Even the small rear sight can be setup to be flicked down or up. :slight_smile:

(you can’t see the safety switch quite well in this shot, but that’s just adding one bone and rotating it, the mesh is made to be rig-ready :wink: )

Here’s a quick render:

Ah perfect!

6.828k polys is absolutely fine.

The weapon looks good too.

If I were you, I’d consider making a marketplace package.

~ Jason

I’ll give it a try after I have some time and rigged it :wink:

Weapons of today easily surpass 15k. LAst time I checked a previous-gen game had 17k triangles on a weapon. Don’t know about next gen.