3D/VR Developer needed for Flight Crew Training


Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; VRnam is a privately funded technology project set up primarily to enable the use of the newest training methods in flight training. With professional grade flight simulators costing up to $18m USD, being in near-24hr use year around and very much expensive to house, man, operate and utilize; VRnam’s aim is to create a training environment that can be operated in a normal office or home with minimal instruction and oversight for many hours at very minimal cost. That (non-flying, procedural) training environment will exist in Virtual Reality. It will explain, guide and drill procedures together with trainee professional pilots step by step. This technology will firstly be exploited on the Airbus A320 airliner family and then rolled out on further aircraft types in future.


We are looking for an experienced 3D Developer to help hire and manage a team to build a VR cockpit and cabin environment, implement in-world animated prompts and design a functional GUI using Vive /Oculus Touch controls.


  • Produce an unsurpassed VR experience.
  • Work closely with artists and tech team to rapidly prototype VR experiences.
  • Collaborate with a multi-disciplined (Art, Animation, Pilots, Production, etc,) team.
  • Work closely with professional pilots at all stage of development.
  • Keep up to pace with the state-of-the-art in game engines and VR.
  • Investigate new technologies.


  • Willing to work and live in Vietnam.
  • English language fluency / native speaker.
  • Able to lead a team of multi-disciplined and multi-cultural colleagues.
  • Significant 3D game design experience
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels, both on a technical and creative basis.
  • All around knowledge of the game development cycle.
  • Identify technical and developmental risks and pose creative solutions to those.
  • Assist in guiding and mentoring junior members of the team.


  • Qualifications in game design
  • Experience in Unity 3d or other major gaming engines
  • Passion for VR with experience using new VR technologies such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive etc.
  • 3D environment creation


Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. Negotiable with globally competitive rates.

Initial flight to Vietnam and Visa provided.


We are not seeking off-site team members at this stage.*