[3D VR Animation] "I found it in the woods!" - "Ich fand es im Wald!"

Hi community,

my name is Martin Kogoy, living in germany and i am working now for a couple of month for my 3D VR animation. All pics you see are work in progress and quality in VR will be improved with every new version of UE4. Now i am at 4.18 and i love it. The whole film ist done only by me. Voices, Soundtrack, camera, visualFX, character design, animation, cut and so on. I am not a professional so i get first contact with ue4 before 6 month. Everything i learned came from the lifestreams of UE and experienced user in the forum or youtube. you can see more of my work soon and a video trailer would be published before christmas. So please subscribe on youtube, twitter, facebook or instagram to stay in touch: creatiVRstudio is the name there.

another screenshot of my 3D VR experience done in UE4. Thanks to the volumetric fog we can simulate water a lot better than before… Not perfect, but i am a beginner. ,-)

Another screenshot of my 3D VR experience in UE4.

The elvenboy is finding the portal in the woods. Stay tuned for the trailer of my 3D VR animation before christmas.

I found it in the woods! A 3D VR experience by only one person.

another screenshot of my 3D VR film “I found it in the woods!”
Trailer will be released in a few days. :wink:


Jamie-Arthur, the elvenboy of my 3D VR adventure, coming out in 2018. Merry christmas to all and stay tuned for the trailer coming the next few days.