3D UMG widget stopped working in 4.13

I converted my project from marketplace (Side Scroller Shooter Kit) from 4.12 to 4.13 and my 3D widgets stoped working. It worked fine in 4.12 and 4.10. I created new project in 4.13 and it’s still not working. I can’t get interact with buttons. I uploaded tested project. Here’s link: Google Drive: Sign-in

Hello hamsterPL,

After taking a look at the project provided. This is working as intended. If you read through the release notes for 4.13, you will see that they have made changes with how 3D widgets will be interacted with. I have provided a screen shot that highlights the section that applies. I hope that this information helps.

Release notes:

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What’s the logic and ease of use for the Interaction Component?
Should it be added to the actor with the widget, or the player?

[Just adding, the Interact Distance seems to be not very accurate — if it’s ramped way up it doesn’t seem to make much difference, and you have to go up fairly close to the widget]

Hello tomofnz,

I have provide a link to the documentation for the widget interaction component. I have also provided an example of how to change the interaction source. Changing the source to mouse for example is close to the previous means of interaction. I hope that this information helps.

Link: UMG Widget Interaction Components in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Interaction source example:


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Hi, I’ve followed your linked tutorial to the letter, and I’m not getting it to work. The ‘right mouse button click’ simply doesn’t fire. The widget does show the highlighted color, but does not respond to any of my interactions.

Does this maybe have anything to do with the fact that I’ve setup the project as a Mobile/Scalable project?


Nevermind; Got it working by using the InputTouch instead. Should anyone run into the same problems, here’s a pic.

How am i supposed to use this with the DefaultPawn class? I have a very simple intro/titlescreen level with no custom playerpawn class needed, where the user selects something from a 3d umg widget and the game starts. The mouse used to just work, by default, and i could interact with a 3d umg. Does this mean i have to create a custom playerpawn class and attach the interaction component to it now?

You will need to add an actor with a widget interaction component. From there you can set the interaction source to mouse. I have provided a link below to some documentation on the widget interaction component above in another post. I would suggesting reading over that for more information.

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Thank you. I created a custom copy of the Default Pawn class (and i had to create a new custom GameMode to be able to use my custom pawn class). I added WidgetInteraction component to the new pawn class and setup the Press (and Release) Pointer Key functions, called via an action mapping event that i setup to fire on left mouse click or on single tap. That works fine, thanks for the help.

Too bad the EditableTextBox’s don’t work with a normal keyboard now… If i can just find an elegant, blueprint-only way around this problem (‘feature’) i’ll be good to go:

Thanks a bunch, you saved my neck here

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Changing the source to mouse for example is close to the previous means of interaction.

This sentence saved my life, it’s been hours that I tried to figure out why the “Create 3D widget” tutorial wasn’t working before understanding the method changed since 4.13 and I did not see how to interact with the mouse instead of a component direction (like by default).

There should be a link in the tutorial to say that the widget interaction method has changed.

Thanking you along with … the input touch was the missing link for my mobile GearVR project…PHEW!

hi there,
you said you can’t use the press pointer key functions to simulate the action that were setting at the project setting input? Is it right? I can’t achieve this . Can i beg your detail?