3D UMG clicks not working in multiplayer, but work in single player


I have setup a 3D widget, and I put widget interaction in my controller. If I start the game with only 1 player, I can receive the clicks in the widget (although I have to double click instead the first time).


However, if I start the game as multiplayer, wither with more than 1 player, or as dedicated server, then:


  1. My player controller blueprint does receive the clicks. I have the clicks going to “Target is Widget Interaction Component”.
  2. The widget itself does not receive the clicks.

Any ideas? Why does it work for 1 player, but doesn’t work for any player on multiplayer?

(EDIT): OnHover works! Not OnClick() or OnPressed()!

Thank you in advance.

Finally I got it to work.

It turns out I have to add “OnPressed” Event in widget, and combine that with “Pointer Key” interactions.

So OnClick in widget didn’t work with either “Pointer Key” or “Key” interactions, and OnPressed event works with “Pointer Key”.

Thanks! Using the OnPressed event instead of the OnClicked event worked for me. So strange that I had to use that workaround though. OnClicked worked perfectly fine in single player and in multiplayer I can even see the click animation on the button on the widget, yet the event isn’t called.

Thanks for sharing the solution, it would be so easy to get stuck on this :).