3D Textures, Texture arrays and global texture parameters

Hi guys,

I wanted to implement a runtime 3D texture to splat moss/grass/snow etc on to a variety of geometry in our procedural levels. I ran into a few problems:

  • There is no support for 3D textures or 2D texture arrays at all
  • There is no good way of supplying a “global” texture to several materials.

We would very much appreciate 3D texture support and the ability to update (c++) them during runtime. I did not spot this on the roadmap,
but it seems like a pretty basic feature for a 3D engine in 2016.

If this is not something that is on the horizon, then including this texture array implementation in the next release would be epic :wink: :


I’m the one who opened that PR, with the help of Hilmar who wrote most of the implementation. But wanted to say that both it appears to be getting merged now, as well as the guy merging it has mentioned working on 3d texture support so it appears both are coming.

In case you didn’t know, you can pull that pr, or the base branch from my repo and build them locally if you want them now.

Hello! So, it appears the link doesn’t work, at least not for me… But I’m just curious if there are any news on the texture arrays support implementation in the official build?

You need to be logged in with your GitHub account. Then the link works just fine :wink:

The first thing I tried, but still doesn’t work… Anyway, I’d rather wait to see it in the official build… Any news on that?