3D Studio Max To Unreal Engine Spline IK animation

I have a roller coaster I created with Spline IK. How do I get it properly imported into UE4? Any help will be appreciated.

You don’t need to do anything special, since it’s a bone rig it doesn’t matter how you make the animation for the bones. In FBX there’s a section for Baking Animation, you can use that and it’ll bake to keyframes rather than trying to export unsupported constraints.

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I have same question, I do not understand what you meant with bone rig @darthviper107 ? As you can see in this video The wire rig in 3Ds Max - YouTube i have exactly same setup for the ropes, after many failed attempts and research i cant find a solution, here my topic on forum about that issue: Rope Animation Issue - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums, i hope you can help me guys…