3D - Space Shooter / SHMUP Game Template

Hey All
Back again with another series in the making. This one is actually a revamp of an old set of tutorials that proved to really popular. As they were some of the first things I’d ever recorded, I cringe a little when I look back over them now and for that reason, I decided to take a little time out to go back and improve the quality of everything from the process to the quality of the videos.

As always there will be a focus on how we can implement Game Feel into tthe given genre of game whilst going along and creating a game template from an empty project up.

I’ll start this thread off nicely with a link to the playlist: Click Me!

And Enjoy.

Tyvm kind ser, been iso exactly this for some time now. Working on Vid 22(-ish, I tend to jump around the list a lot) atm, VERY good, thorough tutorials, man. Any advice for a newbie game dev with little formal coding/scripting education? I know a good bit about 3d-models and texturing them, and can script for my mods quite well in several game-based OOP languages like Bugthesda’s Papyrus, but I lack any knowledge of/experience with more “formal” coding languages like Javascript or C++. Does this matter, since just about everything I’d need for a cheapo game can basically be done thru a BP?