3D Sky Sphere (Box) How To

I am trying to create a space scene where it appears that you are floating in space (i.e. a 360 degree view of stars). I cannot for the life of me find a tutorial or ideas on how to go about doing this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I second this. I would love to see a tutorial on how to create custom skyboxes in UE4 including how to import skybox textures of our choosing.

Couldn’t you just make a giant sphere as big as your level and let it follow the position of your player.
It would be great if we could use hdr textures on this.

Mind if i ask for what you need HDR textures on a space dome? Or are you asking for HDR support on Skydomes in general?

I tried the sphere method but I do not see a way to make the sphere ‘hollow’?

If your texture has a high dynamic range, then it will have a lot of influence on your highlights and post effect like bloom and lens flares.
So if you have one big and bright star in your star field, then it will have a color value far greater then 1.
When you have a surface with a material that has a very low reflective setting, you won’t see the stars reflected in your materials, but you will easily see the bright star reflected in your material.
It would be nice if I was able to make a custom sky sphere with a custom material on it with and use a hdr texture for it. This way, I could for instance make a material, that will make your stars shimmer, or make your sun warp a little bit by the atmospheric distortion.

You have to reverse the normals in the 3d program you should make the sphere with.

I’ve been watching this thread and I tried making my own sky box using crude texture to make sure I was doing the process properly. In blender, I created an sphere with inverted normal and a light inside and textured a poor resolution starscape to test it out and it seemed to work in Blender but I had problems importing that to the Unreal Editor and I’m not sure if I’m on the right track. I exported the sky sphere from Blender to a FBX file then opened a level inside Unreal and imported the static mesh. Now I’m seeing a simple mesh inside Unreal and no textures at all. Would somebody be able to point out where I’m going wrong and how to correct my steps? I uploaded two pictures below of the sky sphere from Blender and Unreal.

I still would love to see an full-blown UE4 tutorial on how to make your own 360 degrees both sky sphere and sky domes.

Blender’s skysphere as viewed from inside the sphere.


Imported to Unreal and I get this.


Can you post a bigger screenshot? Did you check Import Material and Import Texture?

Whoops, for me the forum’s image upload tool shrinks the pictures from 260kb original size to about 15 kb each. I tried hosting them on imgur then using the forum’s image upload with URL and the forum says the file size is too large at about 260 kb each so am using direct links to imgur for now as shown below.

Back to the topic, I did figure out that I had two errors. I did not create a material property when I created that star sphere in Blender so I hit create new material under the material tab and left all properties there default then exported the sky sphere out of Blender. And followed 's tip on enabling Import Material when importing the sky sphere into Unreal.

The textures now show in Unreal however I now get lines between the polygons in Unreal as opposed to invisible in Blender. Any tips on fixing THAT? :slight_smile:

Star sphere as seen in Blender.
Star sphere as seen in Unreal after importing.

Any ideas what Im doing wrong here?

Apply 1 smoothing group to the sphere and upon importing into UE4, make sure it is set to Import Normals.

I just figured it out right as you replied. I used the incorrect smoothing option in Blender instead of the Smooth option under Transform. Looks much better now for just being a mockup and now I’m moving on to make an actual high resolution one for an real attempt.

Now crossing my finger for an tutorial for making a REAL level sky sphere instead of having a sphere following my character.

Mockup of a star sphere in Unreal

Thanks and . :smiley: