3d side scroller with a bending road

Hello. I’m not sure if that’s the right place to post it, but it seemed the most appropriate.

I am looking to create a side-scroller game, but where the road isn’t completely straight. For example the road could go around the corner, or in a spiral stairway around the tower, but the character is still put on hard “rails” and can not get off of them no matter how they jump or run around.

My question is - is there some kind of tool or template already made for this type of thing (free)? I once programmed the same thing in Unity by hand, and it’s not a huge problem to do this again - but if I can get away with not wasting time on it - I would.


I don’t know of any existing templates (but the term you are looking for is 2.5D try googling UE4 2.5D tutorial, template etc.)

If you want your own system from scratch, you might be able to use splines to define the 2d path of your gameplay.

Hey, I’ve been battling with the same issue. I can get the character to follow a spline (can dig up the tutorial for it if needed), but when the direction goes over 90 degrees, the character just stops; I have that spiraling staircase issue here myself as well.