3d Side Scroller Template move along X and Y direction

I’m not sure, but maybe it uses “constrain to plane” option. Disable it and character will move in all directions.

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There is a lot of missing information, but I would guess that gravity keeps you down or there is some code that restricts your movement by, for example, projecting your position down to a line to avoid drift. Depends on what kind of scrolling you can do, but if you can jump and you get an arc then you have gravity and that might cause the issue. Try disabling gravity. Also try scripting movement upwards using tick, that is setting the position of the character to be current position + <0.1, 0 , 0> and see if you move along the X axis then.

Finally, try making a new character blueprint inheriting from the Character blueprint class and implement the controls yourself. This way no surprise restrictions will be holding you back.



My question is quite easy I suppose, but I still can’t figure it out

Let’s say we have a default 3d side scroller template, where the character moves along one axis (Y in particular) like in platformer-style games. But what if I want to make the character move along X axis as well as Y axis? In the template we use left-right arrow keys to go to the left and to the right, and I also want to use up and town to go forward and backward.

I opened the charcater blueprint, saw how it is done there and make an additional input. But the character just rotates to the direction I need, but do not move. What shall I do? Probably I’ve missed some settings in the “Character Movement” script.


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“Constrain to plane” is the exact option I was looking for. Thanks!

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